Workforce Development Programs

Workforce Development Programs

CIDA is committed to developing work opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our programs are focused on enhancing effective community partnerships in which individuals with disabilities can find employment opportunities while meeting the needs of local employers. Currently, we assist persons with disabilities entering the workforce through two programs: New York State ACCES-VR Programs and the Soaptree e-Partners Project.


CIDA provides a Vocational Program under a contract with the Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR), New York State Education Department. ACCES-VR is a NYS agency that assists individuals with disabilities to achieve and maintain employment and to support independent living through training, education, rehabilitation, and career development. CIDA provides the following areas of services:

Entry Services

  • ACCES-VR Service Orientation
  • Assistant to Application Processes

Job Preparation Services

  • Self-Advocacy for Employment
  • Self-Advocacy for Students
  • Work Readiness – Soft Skills Training – Adults
  • Work Readiness – Soft Skills Training – Students

For more information about ACCES-VR services at CIDA, please contact us at (718)224-8197 or

Soaptree e-Partners Project


CIDA initiated the Soaptree e-Partners Project to create job opportunities for young adults with disabilities by providing training in occupational skills that are highly demanded in the labor market.  Currently, the Soaptree e-Partners Project produces, purchases, and sells soap products online and offline. Please visit for more information or contact Dr. Young Seh Bae, Executive Director at

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