Who We Are

Vision & Mission

What we are trying to achieve


CIDA is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization that serves individuals with disabilities and their families. Our primary missions are to increase inclusion opportunities and to strengthen the capacities of individuals with disabilities. To achieve these goals, CIDA provides family support and inclusive community programs by cultivating workforce development and non-profit based cooperative projects. CIDA also collaborates with local partners and social service organizations, and uses innovative approaches for the inclusion of individuals with disabilities.


We envision all individuals with disabilities being able to live self-determined lives, and contributing, as valuable members, to all aspects of the community.

Missions & Values

CIDA’s primary missions are to strengthen the capacity and to increase the inclusion opportunities of individuals with disabilities. CIDA is discrimination-free, aiming to work with every community because CIDA truly believes that supporting one another is the only way to achieve our vision of seeing individuals with disabilities succeed in the workforce and ultimately live self-determined lives. As the community grows, so does our awareness. Together, we can prove the significant value that individuals with disabilities can bring to society and the positive impact they will make on our future.


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