Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP)

Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP)

CIDA was recently awarded a mini-grant to implement the Volunteer Advocacy Project; a project that trains individuals to become special education advocates for families of individuals with disabilities. In collaboration with the University of Illinois, CIDA will train ten Korean-American advocates to gain special education knowledge, advocacy skills, and empowerment. Each VAP graduate will commit to advocating for four families who have children with disabilities.

In 2019, the CIDA VAP will train 17 candidates who are Korean-American parents in New York and New Jersey. A total of 36 hours of online and offline training will be completed by September 2019.


VAP 2020

CIDA is pleased to announce that VAP 2020-2021 will be supported by Asian American Impact Fund.  This year, we will invite Korean and Chinese mothers who have children with disabilities.  The VAP 2020 participants’ activities will be focused on using advocacy strategies for special education issues, and reaching out families with resources and information related to COVID-19 pandemic.

For more information about the project, please contact Haewa (Intake Specialist) at hpark@cidainfo.com.


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