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OPWDD Self-Direction Budget Items
Webinar (Online Workshop)
Tuesday, February 12, 12:00 – 1:00pm
Young Seh Bae, Ph.D. Executive Director, CIDA
* This is an online session. You need connect to the internet in order to attend the session.
RSVP: Or Call 718-224-8197

Early Intervention, Early Childhood Services & Transition
Webinar (Online Workshop)
Things that You Must Know about EI, CPSE and Kindergarten Transition
Tuesday February 28 10:00 am – 11:30 am
Dr. Seung Eun McDevitt
Assistant Professor, Education Specialties
St. John’s University, School of Education
* This is an online session. You need connect to the internet in order to attend the session.
RSVP: Or Call 718-224-8197

Community Inclusion and Development Alliance

Family Support Group

Korean Speaking Parent Support Group

January 15, Tuesday 11am @CIDA


  • How to participate CIDA webinars
  • Special Education Parent Leadership Academy
  • Other school related issues

* RSVP here:

Sibling Net Meeting

January 5, Saturday 11:00am @CIDA

Our 1st Sibling Group meeting – high school students and adults who have sisters and bothers with disabilities.  We will announce 2nd meeting after January 5.

  • Discuss the needs of siblings
  • Discuss upcoming events

* Call Dr. Bae at 917-715-5516 for more information


OPWDD Self-Direction Budget Items

January 29, Tuesday 29, 10:00am @CIDA

Participants will review the OPWDD Self-Direction Budget items and definitions.

* RSVP here:

Community Inclusion and Development Alliance

Family Support Group

Korean Speaking Parent Support Group

December 4, 11am @CIDA


  • Medicaid Managed Care & Developmental Disability services
  • Special Education Parent Leadership Academy
  • New Year Party December 27th

No Workshops in December

Community Events

New Year Party

December 27th, 2018, 12:00 pm. – 3:00 pm @Reception House

December 27, 2018 at Reception House

We are inviting you and your family to our New Year Party!

  • Place: Reception House, 167-17 Northern Blvd, Flushing, NY 11358
  • Special Performance: Music and Dance Performances by CIDA families
  • Fee: $ 10 per family
  • RSVP: By December 22nd, 2018   Call us at 718-224-8197 or click this link : 

Please join us at our New Year Party for joyful food and dance party!  We have gifts for you, too!

** This event is held by CIDA without a sponsor. Please let us know in advance if you wish to donate food or money to support our event. Any donation would be appreciated.

Community Inclusion and Development Alliance

Community Inclusion and Development Alliance

Differentiated Instruction / Family Conference & Service Fair

Differentiated Instruction

    • CIDA collaborates with Queens Korean Church to provide a workshop to parents and professionals. Participants will be provided with hands-on activities and discussion to learn the earning characteristics of students with disabilities, behavioral issues in the classrooms and basics of differentiated instruction. For more information and registration, call 718-224-8197 or register here

Family Conference & Service Fair

    • CIDA will hold a parent conference in collaboration with Beautiful Church (Arumdaun Church) on Long Island, August 14th. Training sessions start at 9:30 am. Fifteen agencies will be invited to the vendor session to present various community-based services, programs and classes available to the locale. Arumdaun Presbyterian Church is located at 1 Arumdaun St, Bethpage, NY 11714.

    Korean Registration click here
    English Registration click here

My Community @ Life Family Conference / Opwdd Eligibility Application Preparation Workshop

My Community Life @ Family Conference

    • During the Family Conference on August 14 at Arumdaun Church, we will have a presentation titled “My Community Life.” This one and a half hour session will teach youths and young adults (age 14-26) with disabilities the concepts of transition and independent life. A special focus will also be given to sexual abuse prevention and decision making. A consent form should be completed before the session.
      If you wish to register for the session, please login here:

OPWDD Eligibility Application Preparation Workshop

    • CIDA will help parents to prepare the documents that are required for OPWDD services. Please call 718-224-8197.

NYS OPWDD Korean Family Forum / Korean-Speaking Parent Support Group

NYS OPWDD Korean Family Forum

    • NYS OPWDD is transitioning its services to a new structure, the Care Coordination Organization (CCO). CIDA has invited OPWDD (the central office in Albany) for a forum to inform parents about how to access services through the CCO and Self-Direction. The OPWDD Central Office staff will present the various changes in OPWDD and answer questions regarding Self-Direction, describe how to access services through CCO and discuss other issues in services coordination.

    • Place: Adria Hotel 221-17 Northern Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361

    • More information, call 718-224-8197

Korean-Speaking Parent Support Group

    • Meet and talk with other parents/family members that are raising children with disabilities. The meeting will be facilitated in Korean.

    • To register, please call 718-224-8197 or fill out the following form:


Functional Behavioral Assessment & Behavioral Intervention Plan for Students with Autism (Korean Language Session) / NYS OPWDD Front Door Session

Functional Behavioral Assessment & Behavioral Intervention Plan for Students with Autism

    • Dr. Sangwon Un from the Eden II Program will present the Functional Behavioral Assessment and behavioral interventions for children and young adults with autism. Dr. Un is a board-certified psychologist and BCBA-D.

NYS OPWDD Front Door Session

    • CIDA invites OPWDD Front Door team for an English- Korean session. In order to apply for OPWDD services, you must attend a Front Door Session. Please register if you plan to apply for the OPWDD Programs.

    • Place: CIDA 38-50 Bell BLVD. Suite B, Bayside, NY 11361

    • Telephone Registration: 718-224-8197

Understanding Differentiated Instruction / Preparing Transitions Through K-12

Understanding Differentiated Instruction

    • CIDA presents the overview of differentiated instruction for students with exceptional needs, universal design of learning (UDL) and importance of aligning grade appropriate state learning standards with instruction for students with disabilities. For RSVP, please contact Agape Program at Arumdaun Church at 516-551-0124 or email

Preparing Transitions Through K-12

    • CIDA will provide a parent workshop on transition issues during K-12 and adulthood. The Korean Church of Queens will be collaborating with CIDA for space and registration. For RSVP, call 718-224-8197

Support Group Meeting / IEP Goals & Assessment

Support Group Meeting

    • Topic: Stress management

    • Time/Date: February 13, Tuesday at 11 am

    • Place: 38-50 Bell BLVD., Suite B, Bayside, NY 11361

    • RSVP: Call 718-224-8197

IEP Goals & Assessment

    • This workshop will discuss how to read and understand the standardized assessment results on your child’s IEP, developing observable and measurable IEP goals and the importance of aligning the State Standards and IEP goals. We highly recommend this workshop to those parents who participated in the Federal Laws and IEP workshop (12/5/2017) last year. This is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge about developing IEP goals for your child.

    • Speaker: Executive Director, Dr. Young Seh Bae. For more info, call 718-224-8197

Self-Determination Academy / Early Intervention, IFSP & Transition to Preschool

Self-Determination Academy

    • CIDA’s Self-Determination Academy for Youth and Young Adults with disabilities (under the age of 26) will begin January 18. This 10 session program will teach youth and young adults teaches skills of self-awareness, making choices, IEP/ISP meeting, checking progress and time-management skills. For more information, please contact Dr. Bae, Executive Director at 718-224-8197.

Early Intervention, IFSP & Transition to Preschool

    • The procedures of Early Intervention (EI), the services in New York State, and Individualize Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be presented. Speaker: Mi-Young Choi, Program Director, All About Development. Mi Young Choi has more than 15years of experiences in EI. For more information, call 718-224-8197 or email

Are you ready for the Party? / Citizenship Application, DACA and other issues

Are you ready for the Party?

    • Come and celebrate the New Year with us on December 28. The Reception House is located at 167-17 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, 11358. Hip-Pop dance by the special guests, music performance by two CIDA families. Lots of fun and music! Please RSVP by December 23 to 718-224-8197 or

Citizenship Application, DACA and other issues

    • CIDA invites Minkwon Center to learn their expertise on the current immigration issues and what to prepare when you apply for citizenship for individuals with disabilities (for those who have green card). Seat is very limited.Call 718-224-8197 for RSVP.

Federal Laws & IEP / Support Group

Federal Laws & IEP

    • Learn the basics of ESSA, IDEA and State Laws regarding special education. The important comments of IEP will be reviewed. RSVP by email or call us at 718-224-8197.

Support Group

    • By finding other parents who are facing, or have faced, the same issues, many parents feel better able to navigate a path they never envisioned. Come and join us to come a part of our strong community. RSVP by email or call us at 718-224-8197.

Big turnout at the NYS DDPC Workshop / CIDA-NYS DDPC Workshop

Thank you for your participation!

    • 2017 Toward Opportunities and Inclusion Workshop Series (October 17-19, 2017) was a great success! Family participants learned useful information and resources for transition and community inclusion. CIDA is currently providing one-on-one assistants for individuals to apply for various services and find resources that were disseminated during the workshop. Please call us at 718-224-8197 to make an appointment.


    • CIDA will provide a workshop focusing on transition to adulthood on October 17-18. The workshop will explain SSI, guardianship, supported employment programs and housing that are available in New York State. This event is sponsored by New York State Developmental disability Planning Council. Call 718-224-8197 for more information.

Very Special Art Festival / CIDA receives Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) Grant from the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education


    • CIDA’s annual Very Special Art Festival was held at the St. John’s University on September 23. More than 100 people participated in the event as contestants, parents and volunteers. Check out our 2017 Very Special Art Festival.

We made it!

    • CIDA will serve as a CPRC funded by the U.S.DOE staring Oct 1, 2017. The project focuses on support and training for Korean-American parents who have children with disabilities. CPRCs answer families’ questions with practical advice or refer families to other organizations in the families’ community that can help. A program calendar and more announcements are on their way.

Self-Advocacy Presentation

Self-Advocacy Presentation

    • SANYS and CIDA will co-present the Community Self-Advocacy Training Program which will take place at CIDA starting September, 2017.

    • Date/Time: June 20, 2017

    • Place: CIDA

    • RSVP: Call 718-224-8197 or email us at

Community Inclusion and Development Alliance

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