Drama Club

Drama Club

Drama Club

CIDA’s Drama Club started as one of our COVID-19 projects for youth and young adults to overcome social isolation and regression.  The Summer 2020 Drama Club was led by Q Lim, a talented Broadway actress, along with nine volunteers. Through this program, the project participants were able to learn more about acting through various warm-up exercises, scene study worksheets, and partner scene readings. The participants also showed great improvement in social skills, speech dictation, expressing different emotions, and confidence. During the final performance, students presented their scenes in front of an audience through Zoom and Facebook live. 2020 Summer Drama Club project was made possible by the KACF COVID-19 Grant and the support from the CIDA Board of Directors.

Starting Fall 2020, the program will be available for the public at low cost. The Fall 2020 schedule and application will be announced soon!

Drama Club Fall-Winter 2020

The Drama Club, our popular summer 2020 project, is returning as a paid program. Broadway musical actress Gyujin Lim, who led the summer program, will be teaching the class. The class will be a small size of 4 people.  If you are interested in the program, please contact us as soon as possible as seats are limited.

  • Contents: Vocal training, expressing emotions, reading scripts, building confidence in the stage
  • Start date/dates: Every Friday starting November 13th at 4pm
  • Time and frequency: 90 minutes per week, total 15 sessions
  • Tuition: $100 per session (90 minutes), $1,500 for 15 sessions (one time or thee payments)
  • Application: Please download and fill out the application form below and email it to cida@cidainfo.com.
  • Deadline: November 6th (closes before full capacity)
  • Inquiries: Dr. Young Seh Bae at (718) 224-8197 Ext. 3

** Due to COVID-19, the classes will be held virtually.


FALL 2020 registration is closed.

Note: CIDA is not an OPWDD waiver service provider. If you wish to find a similar class paid by OPWDD waiver, please contact OPWDD or your care manager.


Download Flyer (English)

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