Adult Support


AGES is CIDA’s adult support program that provides One-on-One assistance to enhance the quality of life, inclusion and economic opportunities for adults with disabilities and their families. Any adults with a disability or suspected of having a disability, may request a Case-Management, Support Groups, and Resource Training. All program participants are asked to attend at least one workshop (free) to learn about the service systems and self-advocacy. All services are free.

*The area of services includes:

  • Developmental disability services (OPWDD) application and resources
  • Guardianship
  • Social Security
  • Medicaid and Health Insurance
  • Mental health resources
  • Housing program training
  • Vocational program resources
  • Mediation requests
  • Advocacy
  • Clinical service resources including mental/behavioral health services

* To request One-On-One Assistance or Case-Management, please call (718) 224-8197, EXT. 1, and ask about AGES services. If you wish to register for support group meetings or workshops for adult services and advocacy, please visit

* This program is possible because of funding support from Korean American Community Fund (KACF).



Assistance for the COVID-19 Related Issues

Individuals with disabilities and their families are being severely affected by COVID-19. Therefore, CIDA remains open, and we are expanding our programming to meet the increasing needs of families with disabilities. Here are some ways we are further assisting families during this health and education crisis. 

  • Virtual One-on-One Assistance for COVID-19 related issues: Crisis intervention, Medicaid assistance, emergency housing for disabled, Special Education and other disability resources.
  • Tuesday Live: Weekly livestream meetings to share critical information regarding Covid-19 and disability resources with a large group.
  • Virtual Family Support Meetings: Online parent meetings that provide emotional support and exchange information regarding education and development. 
  • Online Workshops: Online workshops on special education and social service-related topics.
  • 15 min Tips Videos: 5-episode YouTube series that features educational resources for homeschooling during school closure.
  • Weekly Young Adult Support Meetings: Virtual support group meeting that engages teens and young adults with disabilities for social and emotional support during isolation. 

We have always been a community that rallies in a time of need to serve the families in need. CIDA will not stop because our families will not stop. Thank you for considering to support CIDA, and we look forward to building an inclusive community with you.

CIDA Hotline: (718) 224-8197 (EXT. 1)

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