CIDA March Newsletter

Spring is Coming to CIDA, with Many Exciting Events!

What’s Up at CIDA

Yeh Gallery News Article

Please check out our amazing article on QNS about the success of our debut art show, Utopia at the Yeh Gallery of St. John’s University. The exhibition, featuring works from the CoSpire Art Cooperative, will be on display until March 23, 2024–so please go check it out if you haven’t done so already, and sign the gallery book so we know you came to visit! Featuring works by Joonsang Yoon, Jennifer Kim, and many others, this show offers a glimpse into the imagined worlds of the young people who make up our community.

Life Skill Program at CIDA

CIDA is excited to begin a new Life Skills Program for young adults with disabilities with funding support from Mother Cabrini Foundation. The AGES Life Skills Training program aims to enhance the independent living capabilities of adults with disabilities and support their parents or caregivers in creating personalized community living plans. The program covers three main components: Essential Daily Living Skills Training, Health Literacy Training, and Emergency Preparedness Training.

Members will undergo sessions that include topics such as hygiene, time management, health communication, medication management, and emergency response. The program ensures family involvement, and provides free materials and resources. Additionally, participants develop individualized Community Living Plans, with one-on-one consultations and home visits to address language barriers and monitor progress. The goal is to promote equity in community living for individuals with disabilities by recognizing their strengths, challenges, and unique family cultures through a person-centered approach. For Spring 2024, the program will be available for those who are invited in due to the overwhelming requests. We will invite more participants in Fall 2024.

‘Know Your Rights’ Workshop is Back!

We’re excited to invite our Korean families in NYC to join us for a series of ‘Know Your Rights’ workshops! These workshops offer a valuable opportunity to learn everything from how to request an interpreter to accessing a wealth of information and support provided by the Department of Education. For more details about the workshop or to participate, please contact us at

2024 Community Emergency Preparedness Symposium

CIDA is proud to announce our participation in the 2024 Community Preparedness Symposium hosted by New York City Emergency Management (NYCEM). We’ll be highlighting the unique emergency preparedness challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in our community. Our presentation will underscore the critical need for customized preparedness plans and the essential resources required to strengthen our support network. This will be a key step towards enhancing safety and resilience for all.

Cospire Highlights

The Social Cooperative at CIDA is an innovative workforce development project established by Community Inclusion & Development Alliance (CIDA) to deliver individualized assistance as well as create integrative employment opportunities for people with unique challenges.

Start to a New CoSpire Season!

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of a new semester for our CoSpire Workforce Development Program! Ten new young candidates will attend classes and work internships for the next three months, in order to prepare themselves to enter the workplace and make their way towards independent living. The fourth semester of the program features a diverse roster of candidates from different educational and personal backgrounds who bring a whole lot of skill and spirit to the table. Visit our Instagram to see their work and follow their journey.

CoSpire Cafe – Opening 3/15

CIDA will be relaunching its pop-up CoSpire Cafe for the Spring Season starting Friday, March 15! For more details and to view future cafe dates, please visit our website at

Resource Page

Learn about the School Discipline Policy/ Procedures

CIDA has recently updated the School Discipline Policy/ Procedures sections of our resources page. Click here to see what’s new!

2024 Summer Rising Program Now Open

Applications for the 2024 NYC DOE Summer Rising Program are now open as of March 4th! Summer Rising is a free summer program offering students a mix of academic learning and enrichment activities throughout the day. For more details, click here.

MTA Exempts Individuals with Disabilities from Congestion Pricing

As NYC introduces the Central Business District (CBD) Tolling Program, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has announced plans to provide people with disabilities exemptions from the new congestion pricing toll. This allows both vehicles owned by individuals with disabilities and those designated by family or caregivers to be exempt. Each person can apply for one vehicle exemption and must submit vehicle information and disability documentation. The designated vehicle does not necessarily have to be owned by the applicant. Each individual can apply for one exemption. The application portal opens 60 days before the toll starts.