Meet the Family – May 2021

Youngjoo lives with her husband, 7 year old boy, and 5 year old boy in Queens, New York.

Like many families during this pandemic, her family went through a time of adjustment with a sudden switch from in-person to online learning because her young children’s schools shut down. Her first son, Ryan, who had to receive therapies online struggled the most with the new format and the new environment. Wearing masks was also a big challenge for little kids at first, but they’ve become used to it now. Caring for her little kids all day long at home without a break was exhausting, and it was impossible to take a moment to recharge herself during the day.

Nevertheless, even during these difficult times, she felt proud of her children for continuing to learn and grow. She’s excited that her children are learning to adjust to the new situations and persevering as they go through changes during this pandemic.

Youngjoo is rooting for other families like hers who are navigating through these challenging times. She is thankful for the community of parents at CIDA. She feels supported by the families who gathered at CIDA to help their children and help other families.

We thank her for sharing her story of her beautiful and resilient family. Along with Youngjoo, on behalf of everyone at CIDA, we are also rooting for the families who are experiencing a difficult time during this pandemic. If you need support, please feel free to reach out to us via