Meet the Family – April 2021

Spring is finally here, and for the month of April, we introduce Bomna’s family to you.

Bomna lives in Westchester County in New York with her husband and her daughter, Hannah. Hannah has Cerebral Palsy, and she is 13 years old and in 6th grade. Hannah has the ability to turn any activity into a fun one and she always shows so much enthusiasm.

Recently, Bomna felt very proud of Hannah as she was preparing an international trip with her daughter who just became a middle school student. As she watched Hannah bring out the suitcase, packing each item carefully, and checking to make sure that she has her passport, Hannah did not look like a little kid anymore. Even during the check-in process when most kids get bored and impatient, she waited patiently like other typical friends her age.

Hannah wants to become a police officer like her father. She takes Taekwondo classes and horseback riding lessons, and she always gives her best in everything she does to get closer to her goal of becoming a police officer.
Bomna’s has a short message to her daughter…

“Dear Hannah,
It must be hard to not be able to freely move around like other kids. It must be frustrating not being able to express exactly how you feel and what you want. But, we know how you feel. We know that you are doing your very best, so you don’t need to feel sad or disappointed. We hope that you always stay content and happy just like you are now. Know that you’ve got two huge pillars right behind you to support you and root for you. Remember that we have lots of respect and endless love for you.

Hannah’s determination and kindness are uncontainable, and her parents’ love for Hannah is so inspirational. We are excited to see Hannah continue to achieve her goals and share her joy and enthusiasm with those around her.