Meet the Family – March 2021

For CIDA’s March Meet the Family, we are pleased to introduce Amy Jung’s family. Amy lives with her husband, her older son, Samuel, and her second son, Nathan.

Samuel is 13 years old and is in the 8th grade. He has a developmental disability. Samuel is the happiest kid in the world with a free soul. Amy is very proud of Samuel who has grown up to be mature, caring, and loving. Nowadays, he often does dishes, puts a blanket over her when she’s resting on the couch, and hugs her and says thank you.

Samuel’s dream is to appear on a Korean show called Running Man. He calls the MC of the show his mentor, and he is the director of entertainment of the family. Samuel is an entertainer extraordinaire who can sing, dance, and act. To fully enjoy his performance, the audience needs to have an open mind. He is continuing to master his skills by taking musical lessons through CIDA and private vocal lessons.

One day, Samuel’s younger brother, Nathan opened up and said, “I am so frustrated because of Samuel. My friends think he’s not smart.” Since then, Amy taught Nathan how special Samuel is and some people might treat him unfairly just because he is different. She also told Nathan that it is a blessing that her family is granted with the ability to appreciate all Samuel has to offer to this world.

As Nathan grows up, he is becoming a strong child who is never embarrassed by his brother. Samuel is the kindest brother Nathan can have, and Nathan is Samuel’s best friend. Amy says that her children are just perfect as God intended them to be and special to her and her husband.

We thank Amy for opening up to us to talk about her beautiful family. We are honored to support her parental journey and wish for Samuel and Nathan’s friendship to grow continuously.