Meet the Family – Feb 2021

Hyeonseong Ra and the Family

We introduce Mrs. Boyeon Kim’s family as the first family of the year 2021. Mrs. Kim moved to the US with her husband and two sons about a year and a half ago.

Her son, Hyeonseong, is a happy kid who likes all things fun. Boyeon is very proud of her sons because they find joy in little things and continue to grow healthy and well despite the challenges of adopting to the new environment here. Hyeonseong has Autism. Despite his learning and social difficulties, he won the first place award for a computer programming competition in his region when he was in Korea. Hyeonseong enjoys drawing and gaming. He is learning to code with Scratch and Python, and he takes additional art classes in his school. His dream is to become a programmer and live an independent life so that he could buy a new cell phone himself and play games whenever he wants.

The assistance she received from CIDA really helped her better navigate the education system in New York. She wishes to be able to meet CIDA staff and family in person soon when the Covid pandemic is over.

She shared a message to her son. She said, “Thank you for staying healthy. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for pursuing your future and dreams. Thank you for finding joy in little things. Thank you for being my son.”

All of the CIDA staff and families are rooting for Boyeon and her family!