Meet the Family – Nov 2020

Interviewed by: Haewa Trakansook, Intake Specialist at CIDA

With autumn here, we would like to introduce Mrs. Eugen Lee for November’s Meet The Family.

Mrs. Eugen Lee is one of the mothers that I see frequently at CIDA events and workshops, who always brightens up the atmosphere with her warm personality. She lives in Queens, New York with her husband and Cooper, who turned five this year. They are currently staying in Korea due to the pandemic situation.

Because all of special education and related laws and procedures are new to Mrs. Eugen Lee, she had to learn a lot and as a member of CIDA, she is constantly participating in workshops and training programs. As a family, they hope for an awareness that disability will take root not only within the school systems, but also in all areas of daily life. In order to be able to safely raise children in this world, there must be institutional support, and in order to do so, we are contemplating what our parents’ role is and how we can gather voices as one with CIDA. Remembering that there is more we can do by doing it together as a community, we support Cooper’s Family!

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