2020 Nov News

Message from Executive Director

Members, Friends, and Collaborators of CIDA,

With online learning and many disability-related issues unresolved, we are already arriving close to the end of the year. In such difficult circumstances, we were very concerned about whether we should hold the Very Special Art Festival this year. However, we decided to hold the event virtually after listening to the advice of our staff and board of directors in that we need a place to be together in this difficult situation. CIDA’s Very Art Festival is not just an art contest. Over the past five years, this event has enabled us to gather our children with disabilities, families, and the community to break down barriers and create a dream of inclusion. I believe that now is the time we need each other more than ever. We are still standing in the midst of ongoing financial difficulties and mental distress, the stress of our children’s online learning, and the more uncertain future of our adult children. If we are not together, we will be lonelier and more anxious. Please participate in the Art Contest regardless of whether you have a talent for painting or not. And, join us on December 17th, the virtual festival finale, so that we all can have a time of healing with CIDA families who have endured the difficult and challenging year.

Thank you.

Young Seh Bae, Executive Director

Policy News

More than half of NYC’s public school families have opted for online-only learning
Source: https://ny.chalkbeat.org/

There is a shift in students who are learning full time from home. New data shows that there are more New York City students who are learning from home full-time than students who have opted for a mix of in-person and online learning. As of Oct. 9, around 52% of public school students are learning online-only whereas the remaining 48% are in a blended learning. Educators have reported that a good portion of students are absent for their scheduled in-person classes.

State Education Department Announces Website to Help Districts Develop Sexual Abuse Prevention Education
Source: http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/erins-law

The State Education Department today launched an Erin’s law website with materials to help educate students on awareness, skills, self-confidence and support to prevent child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse. Erin’s Law is named after Erin Merryn, an abuse survivor and activist against child sexual abuse who has advocated for similar laws nationwide for over a decade. Erin’s Law requires public schools to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention classes to students in kindergarten through eighth grade. Curriculum resources are now available to assist schools and educators implement Erin’s law, to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention programs in Kindergarten through eighth grade.

What’s Up at CIDA

CIDA Very Special Art Festival 2020 – Dreaming Together

Join us for our 5th annual ‘Very Special Art Festival’ and to celebrate the creativity in all of us!
This year, our most beloved event is going virtual due to Covid-19 with the theme of Dreaming Together. As we dream to be together again, we invite you to express your visions, dreams, and aspirations of our future together. The Very Special Art Festival 2020 will be held in two parts: 1.) an art contest and 2.) a virtual ceremony on December 17 at 7 pm. For more information on registration and details, please click here

CIDA Awarded DDPC COVID-19 Program Grant

CIDA was awarded a COVID-19 grant from New York State Developmental Disability Planning Council (DDPC) which will be used to further provide training, information, and resources to the CIDA community. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and families have become more isolated and have experienced more barriers to access services and information needed to stay safe and to advocate for their rights during the pandemic. The program will increase individuals with IDD and their family’s knowledge on COVID-19 information and resources so that they may continue to improve outcomes of education and community habilitation, even during school and facility closures. The program will begin in January 2021.


Due to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic, all events are now online. Please check our event calendar for event details and registration information.

  • How to Communicate with School (Korean) November 10 at 7pm: Workshop (Parents of school age children):
  • IEP Basics and Components (Mandarin) November 18 at 8pm: Workshop (Parents of school age children)
  • Work Programs (Korean) November 19 at 8pm: Workshop (High School Students/Adults with Disabilities & Families)
  • NYC Housing Lottery Seminar (Korean) November 30 at 8pm: Workshop (Open to the public):