Meet the Family – Oct 2020

Interviewed by: Haewa Trakansook, Intake Specialist at CIDA

For October’s Meet the Family, we have invited Mrs.Jiyoung Song to discuss and share her experiences.

Mrs. Jiyoung Song has been actively participating in various events and programs of CIDA for the past few years. She lives in Queens, New York and is a mother of four. Noori is the eldest child (who is a child with Autism), Elle (2nd grade) is the second child, Jeremy (Kindergarten) is the third child, and lastly, David (3 years old) who is the youngest.

Mrs. Jiyoung dreams of a world in which our children, regardless of race or disability, can live freely and be accepted as they are. Because of CIDA’s mentorship and guidance, she was able to have the courage to live the life of an immigrant family and not feel alone. She looks forward to the day when we can greet each other in person at CIDA.

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