Meet the Family – Sept 2020

For September’s Meet the Family, we have re-invited Mrs. Hyeleon Jo, a long-time member of CIDA.

Interviewed by: Haewa Trakansook, Intake Specialist at CIDA

Hyeleon Jo is a super mom who is busy teaching, feeding, and caring for her three children, Jared, Jayden, and Janice, 24 hours a day at home. Recently, through ABC news channel, she spoke out on the difficulties of ELL students with disabilities in remote learning environments and other challenges that families are facing.

Mrs. Jo, who has been with CIDA for a long time since the beginning, graciously described CIDA as “the shining light at the end of a tunnel that can guide parents through a long dark tunnel.” She also said that although she participated in various events and programs at CIDA, Volunteer Advocacy Project (VAP), which was led by Dr. Ji-young Kim, was the most memorable program. She shared her experience about VAP and said that she was able to gain confidence and courage, and become a better parent for her child with a disability through the program.

At the end of the interview, she has not had an opportunity to meet and get to better know new family members who have recently met through CIDA’s virtual support group meeting. However, she wishes all those families to know that even through these difficult times, CIDA families will always be there for each other.

We thank Mrs. Jo for being part of our Meet Family Report one more time through video interview. Click here to view the interview video.

Thank you.