2020 March News

Message from Executive Director

Dear Family and Friends of CIDA,

It was a very tough February for all of us after the passing of Dr. Kim, our beloved education specialist. However, because of your incredible support and prayers, we are now ready to start again and move forward.

As we have already announced, two new talented staff members with great expertise have joined our Korean family support programs, and we look forward to seeing them add new energy in CIDA’s endeavors. In addition, in efforts to strengthen the capacity of all Asian families, we will start a small support program for parents of Chinese-American students with disabilities in March. Please see our What’s Up at CIDA section of this Newsletter for more information.

Spring is approaching, and CIDA is busier and livelier than ever. Please take care of yourself and see you soon through CIDA events, meetings, and social media.

Young Seh Bae, Ph.D.
Executive Director

Policy News

Parents Fight To Continue ABA Therapy
Source: https://www.disabilityscoop.com

Many parents say that a one-on-one therapy approach to autism is currently the best method that can be provided for toddlers. Although there are many controversies surrounding ABA, many parents are fighting for this approach in court for thousands of children in New York City preschools and elementary schools. Applied behavior analysis (ABA) breaks up different tasks into smaller steps and then teaches skills with rewards and repetition. In the early intervention system, this approach is administered frequently to children 0-3 years old. However, after age 3, thousands of kids must drop ABA in city preschools/elementary schools. A class-action lawsuit has now been filed against the city and state education departments stating the lack of ABA violates federal special education laws.

N.Y.C. Parents of Special Needs Students File Class Action Suit Over Special Education Court Delays
Source: https://www.edweek.org

City students who have disabilities wait an average of nine months for a resolution when filing legal complaints overtreatment in their schools. The federal legal wait-time limit is 75 days. The city’s system is so overburdened so, vulnerable students need to wait months or years before getting their support. Parents are able to file legal grievances when a school refuses evaluation for a child’s learning disability, offers inadequate support, or refuses to recommend a better-suited school. However, the city only has 69 special education judges to provide assistance. 10,000 legal cases remain open because of this and an average of 259 days is how long it takes to get through the legal system which violates the 75-day federal limit.

What’s Up at CIDA

Remembrance of Dr. Jiyoung Kim

With great sadness, we would like to inform you of the passing of Dr. Jiyoung Kim, CIDA’s Education Specialist. Dr. Kim passed away at the age of 50 on Tuesday, February 4th. Since 2017, she had been a great asset to CIDA and the Korean community and has helped so many families while working with us. Dr. Kim was a prominent researcher and educator with a devoted heart. She will be missed so much.

We sincerely appreciate those people who have sent thoughts and prayers for her during the past several days. Please keep Dr. Jiyoung Kim’s family in your thoughts as they go through this difficult time.

Introducing our new staff at CIDA.

Starting February, we are thrilled to introduce our two new staff members, Mrs. Kelly Hur and Mrs. Haewa Park. Kelly studied communication at Johns Hopkins University and has been a faculty member at the same institution for six years. Haewa has been an active parent member and trained through the leadership programs at CIDA. They will meet you through the family training and support programs at CIDA.

Parent Empowerment Project (PEP) for Chinese Families

CIDA’s new project for Asian-American Families, Parent Empowerment Program (PEP) begins with Chinese families with children with disabilities. This project will provide parents with education, counseling and support services during the 2020–2021 period. Wendy Xia, a Mandarin-speaking staff member will assist the families.


  • March 10: Support Group Meeting – WithUs (Transition Age & Adult Group – 15+ years)
  • March 17: Preparing for your child’s IEP meetings: School – family collaboration & Support Group Meeting – Nurim (Early Childhood & School Age (0-15 years))

For registration to the above events in March and for more information click here: https://cidainfo.com/events/2020-03/