2020 Feb News

Policy News

A Quarter of Kids With Autism May Go Undiagnosed, Study Finds
Source: https://www.edweek.org

A new study from Rutgers has found that one-fourth of children with autism may go undiagnosed. New findings suggest that although the lives of these children could be improved with the needed services, they are not being accommodated for. Mostly children of color have been suspected of being underdiagnosed with autism, which is the nation’s fastest-growing developmental disability. Researchers analyzed 266,000 records of 8-year-old children and found 4,550 records of children who met the diagnostic criteria for autism. Of these children, there had been 1,135 who have not been diagnosed with autism.

Congress Hands Special Ed Hefty Funding Boost
Source: https://www.disabilityscoop.com

There will be a rise in federal funding which will be the most it will have been in years under the new government spending plan. This increase will be a part of a $1.4 trillion package that was signed late last year which would provide the federal government funding until the end of September. Increases for a lot of programs that people with disabilities rely on will be included. There will also be another $1 million set for a pilot program which will be used to establish partnerships for community-based transition and daytime services supporting independent living.

What’s Up at CIDA

Transition @ CIDA

Our Transition @ CIDA program has resumed for the 2020 year. This program is a non-credit bearing transition program for individuals with IDD, or exceptional needs who have already completed their K-12 educational program. The program goals and activities are focused on developing independent living and community skills that support vocational and employment outcomes for participants. If you are interested in the program, you can go to https://cidainfo.com/transitioncida/ for an application form. For more information, please contact Dr. Young Seh Bae at (718) 224 -8197 or email to cida@cidainfo.com

Hyo-In Choi – Benefit Concert

On June 6th, CIDA will be holding a benefit concert with Korean singer Hyo-In Choi at Queens College. Hyo-In Choi was a contestant on famous Korean singing shows ‘Masked Singer’ and ‘Duet Song Festival’. She was very famously known for her song duet with Korean ballad singer Han Dong-Geun on ‘Duet Song Festival’ where she won first place! Details will soon be announced as the date gets closer so make sure you keep the date saved!


  • February 11: Self-Direction Program and ACCES-VR/Career Experience – Workshop & Support Group (Nurim & WithUs (All ages))
  • February 25: 0~Kindergarten: Early Intervention, Early Childhood Education, & Pre-K/Kindergarten application Seminar

For registration to the above events in February and for more information click here: https://cidainfo.com/events/2020-02/