Meet the Family – Jan 2020

With new hopes this year, we are introducing our first family of 2020, William Hong & Eun Ju Jung!

William (9 years old) is a very heart-warmed and kind child. He is always considerate of others and always helps to make people happy. He is very social so he has many friends. William loves to make creations with Legos and when he plays with Legos, he shows outstanding concentration. He is also a very good singer and nowadays, he practices songs at home to perform at school. Whenever I hear him sing, I have a happy heart

Currently, William is learning the clarinet and taekwondo. 3 years into learning taekwondo, William is now at green belt. At first, he only started the class because of a talent donation but now he is in the regular class with children who do not have disabilities.

I could never forget the situation that arose with the last camp William attended. William was able to do the basic tasks of washing, wearing clothes, and eat all by himself. While these tasks may be the standard and basic for other people, I was just so proud seeing him do these tasks. He is truly my kind and warm son William!! He takes care of his younger sister Joyce Hong and sometimes he helps me with washing the dishes. When I see that, my heart is filled with joy.

William has a difficult time reading and understanding books, so I am finding ways to help him. Parents come together at CIDA and we hope that the good information our children need is shared. Most parents, including myself, have instances where we become tired when raising our children. Hopefully, there will be a lot of programs for parents to take a break, as well as programs for both the parents and children as well as the whole family. Thank you.