Meet the Family – Sep 2019

For September’s Meet the Family, we introduce Daniel and his mother Kyunghwa Kim. We sent Mrs. Kim a few questions regarding her experiences, and she responded:

“My name is Kyunghwa Kim, and I am a proud mother of 7year old boy Daniel Paek who is funny, smart and sweet person with autism. Daniel is also diagnosed with hyperlexia and has difficulties with comprehension. Even though he has some difficulties including comprehension and gross motors, he has excellent academics skills, great memory, beautiful handwriting and talents in drawing.

Social interaction is what most people with ASD have problems with, and Daniel is certainly no exception to that. Daniel worked in a group throughout this summer to improve how to read nonverbal clues and body language. It could be very challenging experiences for him but we are very proud that he had worked so hard to follow all the activities.”

Mrs. Kim also suggested,

“First, I appreciate all the support CIDA have done for the community. There are many families still needs help to give supports to their child. I would like to suggest CIDA making the CPRC program convenient for families to get involved.

Families also look for information on how to become involved in school activities and take on leadership roles. Assisting them with the resources on how to join and participate in their life as a care giver such as PTA, volunteer activities, and family councils. Sometimes, it is difficult to find high quality resources relating special education. Families will appreciate readily available reliable and practical information that can save time and cost.”